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New light based Illuvinate System now available for Plaque Psoriasis

New light based Illuvinate System now available for Plaque Psoriasis

The U.S FDA has approved, illuvinate system, a light-based therapy to treat plaque psoriasis, announced Luma Therapeutics. The system is intended for at-home use.

The device delivers ultraviolet light, within a narrow spectrum, to the skin using a powerful-stick on LED array, as well as humidification to soothe the area. Illuvinate can now be prescribed either by a dermatologist or via Luma’s telehealth provider.

The treatment is based on Goeckerman therapy. It is a regimen which dates back to the 1920s and involves applying coal tar to a patient’s skin and exposing the skin to ultraviolet light. With the increased use of biologic medications in the treatment of moderate-to-severe psoriasis, there has been a shift away from Goeckerman therapy.

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Illuvinate has been demonstrated to reduce local inflammation, rehydrate the skin and restore normal skin cells. The system includes patented hydrating technology with coal tar, a narrowband UV LED light system and a proprietary app-based dosing algorithm. The therapy is applied for just minutes each day over a six-week period from the comfort and convenience of home.

Current common treatments for psoriasis fall short: topical steroid treatments can be messy and ineffective, and many patients are reluctant to take medications that may have long-term side effects. Other treatments are only available in a clinical setting, presenting an obstacle to consistent adherence

“Many [psoriasis] patients are hesitant to consistently use medications, which may have long-term side effects,” said Jeffrey Sugarman, MD, Ph.D., Luma’s CMO. “As a result, patients become discouraged and stop seeking treatment from a dermatologist. I believe that the illuvinate System will be a great option for many patients.”

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Plaque psoriasis is an inherited systemic inflammatory disease of immune dysfunction that causes plaques of elevated, scaling, inflamed skin that is often quite itchy. The plaques are characteristically found on the scalp, elbows, and knees. Plaque psoriasis is relatively common; about 2%-3% of the population of the United States is affected. It is not contagious.

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  1. changing diet pattern can reverse psoriasis without medication. One has to be 100% vegan no food products from animals and try to avoid all kind of oils except flex seed oil.