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High consumption of red meat related to NAFLD

High consumption of red meat related to NAFLD
High red and processed meat consumption is related to type 2 diabetes. In addition, cooking meat at high temperatures for a long duration forms heterocyclic amines (HCAs), which are related to oxidative stress. Dr Shira Zelber-Sagi at Department of Gastroenterology, Tel Aviv Medical Center,  Tel Aviv, Israel and colleagues conducted a Study to evaluate the association of meat type and cooking method with NAFLD and insulin resistance (IR).The researchers found that High consumption of red and/or processed meat is related to NAFLD and insulin resistance. They found a positive dose–response relationship in this cross-sectional study. The study has been published in Journal of Hepatology.
The researchers conducted a cross-sectional study in 800 patients who were 40–70 years old and underwent screening colonoscopy between 2013 and 2015 in a single center in Israel. NAFLD and IR were evaluated by ultrasonography and homeostasis model assessment. Participants underwent fasting blood tests and liver ultrasound and completed a detailed dietary history using a food frequency questionnaire during a single-day visit. Insulin resistance was calculated using the homeostasis model assessment.

After adjusting for physical activity, body-mass index, smoking, alcohol, and fat and cholesterol intake, high intake of red meat, processed meat, or both was significantly associated with higher odds of NAFLD and insulin resistance (odds ratio, 1.47; 95% confidence interval, 1.04–2.09 and OR, 1.55; 95% CI, 1.07–2.23, respectively). Dose–response associations were observed multivariate analyses.Although a causal relationship cannot be established in this cross-sectional study, the observed dose–response relationship strengthens its likelihood. The findings are also consistent with a recent publication noting the association between eating a higher-quality diet and lower incidence of fatty liver disease.

The researchers found that:

  • High consumption of red and/or processed meat is related to NAFLD and insulin resistance.
  • Consumption of meat cooked in unhealthy methods is related to insulin resistance.
  • Consumption of HCAs is related with insulin resistance.
  • These associations are independent of saturated fat and cholesterol intake.
  • If confirmed prospectively, limiting the consumption of unhealthy meats may be advised.

The researchers concluded that High consumption of red and/or processed meat is associated with both NAFLD and insulin resistance IR. High HCA intake is associated with IR.

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(NEJM JW Gastroenterol Apr 11 2018; [e-pub] and Gastroenterology2018 Mar 28; [e-pub].). Eliciting a detailed dietary intake history and subsequent counseling should be a key part of NAFLD management in clinical practice.

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