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Successful laparoscopic resection of rare gastric duplication cyst: a case report

Successful laparoscopic resection of rare gastric duplication cyst: a case report

Dr Takuma Tajiri at Department of Pathology, Tokai University Hachioji Hospital, Hachioji, Tokyo, Japan and colleagues have reported a rare case of gastric duplication cyst that was successfully removed laparoscopically. The case has appeared in the Journal of Medical Case Reports.

Gastric duplication is a relatively rare congenital malformation, accounting for approximately 2.9–3.8% of gastrointestinal duplications. Gastric duplication cyst is a congenital anomaly that is rarely observed in adults. Accurate diagnosis of these cysts before resection is difficult. In this report, we describe a patient with gastric duplication cysts that were treated by laparoscopic resection.

A 46-year-old Japanese woman was referred to our institution because a cystic lesion in the pancreatic tail was detected by ultrasonography during a health examination. The lesion had a clearly defined boundary of approximately 40 mm. A thick cystic lesion of the septum was observed in the pancreatic tail, but invasion into the stomach wall was not recognized on a computed tomographic scan. Endoscopic ultrasonography revealed that the tumor appeared smooth with a marginal edge, which was characterized by echo with high homogeneity, and the presence of viscous mucus was suspected. The preoperative diagnosis of mucinous cystic neoplasm was the reason for laparoscopic tumor resection. The resected specimen was a smooth surface tumor, and it was full of mucus. Histopathological study revealed that the mucosa was covered with crypt epithelium, muscularis mucosae, intrinsic muscularis, and serosa, and the wall of the tumor had a structure very similar to that of the stomach wall. The mucosa was partially drained by intrinsic gastric glands, but most of them were denucleated. No pancreatic tissue was present, and the tumor had no continuity with the spleen. These findings indicated a diagnosis of gastric duplication cyst with no continuity with the stomach wall.

In our experience, it is difficult to differentiate gastric duplication cyst from mucinous cystic neoplasm before laparoscopic resection. Events such as infection, bleeding, perforation, ulceration, fistula formation, obstruction, and compression have been linked to gastric duplication cysts, and malignant transformation of these cysts has been reported. Therefore, we suggest that resection should be the first treatment option for gastric duplication cysts.

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