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Rosuvastatin most peferred statin for hyperlipidaemia

Rosuvastatin most peferred statin for hyperlipidaemia

Statins are one of the most commonly used medicine in preventing the progression of the heart attack and is used by all in the primary and secondary prevention of coronary artery disease. According to the survey is done to understand the prescribing practices of statin by the physicians in the country, it has been found that rosuvastatin in mostly referred statin followed by Atorvastatin in the management of patients with hyperlipidemia.

For conducting survey a study questionnaire consisting of 10 questions was prepared and validated in a small group of physicians. General Physicians and cardiologists were approached for seeking their prescribing behaviors for statins.

In the study response from 358 physicians were received. 50.6% physicians suggested Resuvastatin and 38.5% suggested Atorvastatin to be preferred in patients with hyperlipidaemia for primary prevention.49.4% and 53.4% physicians suggested Rosuvastatin to be preferred for atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease and patients with diabetes or metabolic syndrome respectively. However44.4% and 46.9% physicians still preferred Atorvastatin in Choronic Kidney disease and heart failure respectively. 56.7% physicians believed Rosuvastatin and 38.5% physicians believed Atorvastatin to cause maximum LDL cholesterol reduction. 54.2% suggested Rosuvastatin and 34.4% physicians believed Atorvastatin to cause maximum triglyceride reduction in their patients. Amongst the statins there is no significant difference in terms of tolerability between Atorvastatin 80mg and Rosuvastatin 40mg (39.9% vs 35.8%).

These survey findings revealed that amonst the currently prescribed statin, Rosuvastatin in mostly preferred statin followed by Atorvastatin in the management of patients with hyperlipidaemia.

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Dr. Kamal Kant Kohli

Dr. Kamal Kant Kohli

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