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Organs of dead cancer patients used to give life to others

Organs of dead cancer patients used to give life to others

The trend of taking organs from dead cancer patients and using it for transplantation has caught up in the past few years and one of the major reasons behind the same is acute shortage of organs.

Some 272 donors of 675 organs transplanted over the past five years had all suffered from cancer or malignancy, according to figures from NHS Blood and Transplant, reports the Independent.

Professor John Forsythe, associate medical director of organ donation and transplantation at NHS Blood and Transplant, said: “We work hard to minimise the risks to recipients by carefully evaluating all potential organ and tissue donors. Tests are also carried out to try to make sure the organs are not cancerous and infections are rare.”

Alluding to the shortage of suitable organs for transplant, he said sometimes an organ from a cancer patient is the only option even if it is not ideal.

“Organs from deceased donors with some current and past cancers may be safely used, with surgeons balancing the risk of using an organ against the risk of a patient dying waiting for a transplant,” he said.

However, according to the American Cancer society, such implants have added in spreading cancer in the past, but this is rare.

The society further suggests that to reduce risk, internal organs cannot be donated by people, who have cancer.

NHS Blood and Transplant is now appealing more people, regardless of their health.

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Source: ANI

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