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Obesity linked to Dental Risks: Study

Obesity linked to Dental Risks: Study

Being overweight or obese was linked with an increased likelihood of having poor oral health in a recent study.

In the study of 160 participants, those with BMI ≥23 had generally more severe periodontitis, total inflammatory dental diseases, and leukocyte counts than normal weight individuals. Patients who were obese (BMI ≥25) had almost a 6-times increased risk for severe periodontitis compared with normal weight participants. Altered inflammatory molecules that are associated with obesity may play a role.

Thankun Et al, investigated the association between body mass index (BMI) and oral diseases ,and levels of obesity-related inflammatory mediators were evaluated. For the same 160 Thai Participants were clinically and radiographically examined for oral diseases. Blood profiles were recorded. Levels of adiponectin, leptin, and C-reactive protein (CRP) were measured.

The authors found that One hundred and thirteen (70.6%) participants had overweight or obese status (BMI ≥ 23.0 kg/m2). Sum of dental diseases and severe periodontitis were higher in overweight or obese individuals than in normal-weight participants . A significant difference in oral mucosal disorders between normal weight and overweight or obesity was not found. Plasma leukocyte counts, liver enzymes, leptin, and CRP levels were increased while adiponectin levels were decreased in individuals with BMI≥23.0 kg/m2 compared with normal-weight participants. After adjusting for age, sex, fasting plasma glucose level, smoking, and exercise, obesity was associated with sum of dental diseases , severe periodontitis , adiponectin , leptin , and CRP levels .

The authors concluded that Overweight or obese Thai people were related to an increase in inflammatory dental and periodontal diseases with an altered health profile and plasma inflammatory mediators.

The results are published in Oral Diseases.

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Increased oral inflammation, leukocytes, and leptin, and lower adiponectin in overweight or obesity:

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