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Non-Surgical hearing Solution available for Conductive Hearing Loss

Non-Surgical hearing Solution available for Conductive Hearing Loss

ADHEAR got clearance from Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as the non-surgical bone conduction hearing system for patients with conductive hearing loss.

ADHEAR is a novel hearing system revolutionizing the concept of bone conduction.It is an effortless treatment option for people with conductive hearing loss or single sided deafness. The system is non-surgical, simple handling and having a high wearing comfort.

The sound is transmitted  via a pressureless adhesive.Attached to the adhesive is the small hearing aid. The sound waves are transmitted onto the bone via the adhesive adapter which is placed on the skin behind the ear.

A study was conducted to evaluate the audiological benefit and subjective satisfaction of ADHEAR Audio Processor with Adhesive attachment in a group of 10 children suffering from conductive hearing loss and/or single sided deafness.

The study found that Maximal decibels gain was measured by Audiological basic tests

Despite not applying pressure against the skin, the ADHEAR concept shows effective performance. This is achieved firstly by  a very low mechanical transmission weight of the adhesive adapter. By reducing the weight of this adhesive adapter ‘interface’ to as close to zero as possible, a lesser force is required by the hearing aid transducer in transmitting vibration across the skin and finally onto the bone. The second approach is the placement of the system in a more acoustically favorable position behind the ear, which is naturally closer to the cochlea.

ADHEAR delivers clear hearing benefit and allows continual hearing experience without interruption due to the system staying in its optimal position. In addition, the close proximity to the inner ear also helps so sound information can be transferred efficiently.The frequency range goes from 250 Hz up to 8 kHz.

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