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Lucknow: Oral Mucosa Skin used for vaginal reconstruction in a rare surgery at KGMU

Lucknow:  Oral Mucosa Skin used for vaginal reconstruction in a rare surgery at KGMU

Lucknow: An 11 year old girl underwent a miracle surgery by a team of experts at the King George’s Medical University’s Paediatric Surgery Department, using the technique of ‘vaginal reconstruction with oral mucosa  combined with anterior saggital ano-rectoplasty‘. This gave her  an opening for anal passage and vagina, reconstructed with the skin of her oral mucosa (mucous membrane lining inside mouth). The girl who was discharged on Wednesday, was admitted to the hospital 21 days prior to the surgery.

Born with a congenital abnormality of an absent vagina as well as an anus,  her case was an unusual one. Its unusual nature leading to it being reported by  KGMU’s team and also being accepted as a paper for the World Congress of Paediatric Surgery, to be held in Washington in October.

According to Dr S N Kureel, Head, Paediatrics, Surgery Department, “This was the first such case and operation reported in India.”

Dr. Kureel led a team comprising of Dr Anand Pandey, Dr Archika, Dr Digamber, Dr Ajay, Dr Sunil, nurses Vandana and Rajdei in a three-and-half hour surgery, of the girl child. Anaesthesia was undertaken by Dr Vinita Singh and her team.

“Generally, in cases where any of the private organs is missing, skin from either the stomach area or thigh is taken and that leaves a mark. Here, we have taken skin from inside the mouth, leaving no scar or spot. Using oral skin is a first in India,” said Dr Kureel.

Once having extracted the skin from the inside of the mouth, it was stretched with incisions to form the vagina, which was then connected to the uterus. This was done in order to help the girl lead a normal sexual life after her marriage; have children and not carry any physical remembrance of having undergone a surgery, he added.

According to data one Indian child is born without an anal passage in 1,800-2,500, with an equal distribution of cases in girls and boys. When a girl child is born without an anus, their stool finds passage through the vagina.

Dr Kureel, revealed that world medical literature reported few such cases in 2008, 2011 and 2012, however, none was from India.

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