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Letter to Prime Minister of India by Government Medical Doctors

Combined initiative of FORDA, MARD, KARD, MP Central JDA, RDA AIIMS, RDA AMU, DAK


Shri Narendra Modi Ji

Hon’ble Prime minister Of India

PMO New Delhi

Sub: Improving the working conditions of doctors working with the Government

Dear Mr. Prime Minister

WE would like to bring to your kind notice, the gross exploitation and injustice, discrimination done to the medical profession during employment by the biggest employer of the health force that is, the Government of India and the State Governments.

This ongoing exploitation has led to a heavy demoralization in the work force making the government medical services lacking in quality in commitment. Many qualified healthcare professionals are now leaving the government sector for better opportunities and less and less of the qualified youth now wish to work with the government.

To be able to contribute to the nation building and by providing quality medical services to the people of this country, we request you to kindly look into the major logical grievances

  1. Central Residency Scheme – Resident doctors are the backbone of any hospital. Yet these young doctors face gross exploitation from the beginning of their Medical Career. Low pay, Long working hours, lack of healthy accommodation, and other pitiful working condition has led to gross dissatisfaction, even incidences of suicide in this category of doctors. Seeing their pitiful condition Hon’ble Supreme Court of India ordered the formation of Uniform Central Residency Scheme (CRS) in 1987. In 1992, Uniform CRS was formed by the Central Government to bring about uniformity in the functioning of government doctors across the country. However, the provisions of the scheme have still not been adopted by the Central Government, or any state government and by any autonomous organization. We request you to kindly intervene and ensure the implementation of the said scheme and help the resident doctors of this country to have respectable common working conditions.
  2. Multiple Cadre Exploitation – Medical Profession is being highly exploited by being put under different categories, cadres and positions of work having same job profile, yet very different remunerations like that of Permanent Employees, Adhoc employees, contract employees, etc. The discrepancy is so glaring that pays are different within the institution, institution to institution, within the state, and also state to state; for the same work. This goes against various decisions of the government, the judiciary and even basic working logic and is causing enormous amount of dissatisfaction in the working force against this exploitation. We request you to kindly look into this ongoing discrepancy and exploitation of the highest skilled labor of the country by the ideal employer and bring about sense of equality in the doctors, taking into account the principal of SAME WORK, SAME PAY
  3. 7th Pay Commission – The recommendations of the 7th pay commission have been particularly discriminating to doctors by reducing the Non-practicing allowance NPA to 20% from 25% and removing it from the ambit of calculations such as HRA. Moreover, the importance of medical profession has been undermined by it being considered secondary to Group A services. Medical Profession has a long standing demand of raising the NPA to 40% of the basic pay, continue to consider it to calculate HRA and consider Medical Services as a group A service.
  4. Medical Protection Act- Across the country there is an increase in the incidences of violence against doctors by the disgruntled patients or their relatives. There is a growing dissatisfaction over the availability of various services at the govt hospitals and incase of any unfortunate event, the relatives attack the doctors, medical personnel as well as damage the hospital properties. There is urgent need of formation and proper implementation of a countrywide legislation to ensure protection of medical personnel on duty, provide them safe working environment while protecting the hospital property against any unwarranted damage.

Dear Sir, We the Medical Profession desire to be the part of the continuous nation building by providing excellent and dedicated medical services across the country. You being the head of the biggest employer of the country, we request you to kindly look into the Major administrative discrepancies to be able to retain the most skilled personnel within the working force and bring quality to the government medical service.

It is therefore requested that an urgent high powered committee comprising of political initiative and bureaucratic backup may be set up to give a time bound report and to accept our long term demands:-

  1. Uniform Application of Central Residency Scheme for all residents across the country.
  2. Same Work Same Pay despite of cadre differentiation
  3. 40% NPA (Non Practicing Allowance) to be made as part of HRA
  4. Uniform Act throughout the Country for protection of Medical Personnel and its proper implementation




  • CC- Hon’ble Health Minister of India Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Union of India
  • CC- Hon’ble Secretary Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Union of India
  • CC- To Hon’ble Chief Ministers of All States
  • CC- Hon’ble Health Ministers of All States
  • CC- Hon’ble Secretary of Health Ministry of All States
  • CC- Director General Health Services, Union of India


This petition is being supported by government doctors across the country, including resident doctors,doctors in government service, regular, ad-hoc,temporary, contract or any other cadre.