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KIMS team successfully performs a complex surgery to remove tumour

KIMS team successfully performs a complex surgery to remove tumour

Hyderabad : A team of experts at Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences, KIMS hospital in Secunderabad, including Medical Oncologist Dr R V Rao, Surgeon Dr Geetha Nagasree Neerukonda and Surgeon Dr M B V Prasad, have recently performed a distinctive surgery Extensive Cytoreduction with Total Peritonectomy with Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy (HIPEC) for Recurrent PseudomyxomaPeritoneii on a 38-year-old female patient.

Dr Geeta Nagasree of KIMS is one of the very few surgeons who has the experience and expertise of performing such complex surgical procedures. She had the privilege of being trained under Dr Paul Sugarbaker, the pioneer and the world’s leading authority in this procedure at the Washington Hospital Centre, Washington DC. Cytoreductive surgery, also known as tumour debulking surgery is employed for widespread tumours of the abdomen in conditions such as carcinoma of the ovary or colon and pseudomyxomaperitoneii.

Incidentally, the patient, a software engineer by profession, was earlier operated in 2007 in the United States, and again in India, for Pseudomyxoma Peritonei. Subsequently, the patient has undergone chemotherapy, and  is being followed up since that time.

Unfortunately, the patient developed recurrence of disease with abdominal pain and distension. Investigations and imaging revealed extensive disease in the abdomen, confined to certain region. After adequate preparation and counselling, patient was put through extensive cytoreductive surgery in which entire Peritonectomy was done. There were liver nodules which were excised and Hyperthermic chemotherapy with Mitomycin C was given using a special machine. The procedure was extensive, lasting over 10 hours as is the international standard, and the patient was discharged on the 12th post-operative day, without any complications.

The Team which performed this complex procedure was ably supported by the Anaesthesiologist team headed by Dr Naresh Reddy, Intensive care team headed by Dr Ann, and the Radiologists and Laboratory services teams at KIMS. The team effort included the nursing staff and Physiotherapists of KIMS as well who put up their best effort to contribute to the success.

Source: Press Release

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