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KIMS Doctors perform Total Hip Replacement Surgery Successfully on a Somalia Patient

KIMS Doctors perform Total Hip Replacement Surgery Successfully on a Somalia Patient

KIMS doctors have enabled a bedridden patient from Somalia with broken hip walk freely by performing a Total Hip Replacement Surgery successfully. The patient was unable to move or walk for about one year.

Dr Uday Krishna Myneni, Orthopedic Consultant, KIMS Hospitals. Secunderabad has performed the surgery on a patient from Somalia Mr. Abid Karim Nur, 72 years, who was suffering from the Dysplastic Crowe type IV for almost a year besides other medical conditions.

The patient had sustained the injury to Right Hip after slip & fall in the bathroom one year ago. After the injury he was having pain in right hip, shortening of the affected leg and was not able to stand or walk since one year.

He is known diabetic (DM-II) on treatment, had taken chemotherapy for Neck Cancer 1 year back and had undergone both eyes cataract surgery. The patient came to the OPD on 7th August unable to walk, bedridden for one year with 5 cm shortening of the right lower limb.


He was diagnosed as having Septic Arthritis of Right Hip with the destruction of femoral head and Acetabulam. After relevant investigations, the patient was assessed by cardiologist and anesthetist for surgical fitness. The patient and attendees were explained about diagnosed (i.e. Septic Arthritis of Hip) and surgeons required (i.e. 2 stage revision total hip replacement).

First Surgery involved debridement of Right hip & antibiotic cement space application. The patient was discharged in stable condition on Intravenous Antibiotics to eliminate infection. Another surgery was performed after six weeks to remove the cement space and total hip replacement and stryker implants. The patient was able to walk on the second day of the surgery.

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