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KGMU Conducts First Computer based Eye Socket Reconstruction

KGMU Conducts First Computer based Eye Socket Reconstruction

Lucknow: The doctors of King George’s Medical University (KGMU) has successfully repaired a badly mutilated eye socket of a man. Using computer technology for giving precise anatomical shape to the face even after malunion of fractured facial bones, doctors were able to achieve results that were impossible with arbitrary manual planning

A Patient, 29 Male, resident of Agra, met with accident (was not wearing helmet) during riding motor vehicle in Rajasthan. He visited nearby private hospital, where he was managed for emergency treatment and got discharged soon. Then patient visited AIIMS hospital, New Delhi where he was managed for his jaw fracture and discharged.

Then after some days patient noticed double vision problem and depressed eye of his left eye as compared to right eye, for which he visited several hospital, but he was not satisfied by the treatment given to him by any hospital.

Then after several months patient visited King George’s Medical University, Oral and maxillofacial surgery department, where he was examined under Professor Divya Mehrotra, and advised for CT face.

3D CT scan showed untreated orbital floor, medial wall and superior wall fracture and malunion.

Under Professor Divya Mehrotra, treatment of orbital fracture was planned by orbital reconstruction with customized orbital plate. then using computer designing normal right eye socket was mirrored and superimposed on defective left side eye socket and defect was highlighted. Through computer based designing a virtual implant was designed for the left eye socket to correct the increased size. This implant was then printed in titanium metal in 3D.

First, reconstruction of defect was planned and done on computer. Then using this designing customized orbital implant his orbital walls were reconstructed and orbital volume regained.

Post surgery patient is satisfied by his facial and eye appearance and also fully satisfied by vision in his left eye as no more he complaints of double vision.

Hats off to computer technology for giving precise anatomical shape to the face even after malunion of fractured facial bones. Such result was impossible with arbitrary manual planning


Source: Press Release

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  1. user
    Sanjeev Sethi June 9, 2017, 9:05 am

    Millions of Congrats to Dr. Divya Mehrotra for her out standing thoughts, vision & charm to work for ill fated humanity to give them new ray of hope and make them smile for rest life.

  2. If the photo shows the postoperative result, it is horrible with nasal deviation, left eye at lower level. If it is preoperative, why no mention of nasal correction. Both pre and post op photos should be made available. By the way customised implant fabrication with CT data is nothing new.

  3. user
    Hosi Bhathena June 5, 2017, 9:00 pm

    Very puzzling till patient reach KGMU none of the institute got CT FACE done?????????

  4. where was the titanium implant fabricated?, i routinely do these cases.

  5. i routinely do this. please share your email and i wil send photographs