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Higher nut consumption lowers risk of heart attack in diabetes patients

Higher nut consumption lowers risk of heart attack in diabetes patients

Higher nut consumption lowers risk of Cardiovascular disease, CVD incidence including heart attack and mortality in diabetes patients.The patients of diabetes have high predilection of Cardiovascular diseases CVD , including heart attack and are at increased risk of death.The findings have been published in the journal, Circulation Research .

Based on these findings, the inclusion of nuts into healthy dietary patterns was supported for the prevention of CVD-related complications and premature deaths among diabetics.

Gang Liu at Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health conducted a study to gather evidence regarding the potential health benefits of nut consumption among individuals with type 2 diabetes.The researchers assessed the impact of total and specific consumption of nut types (eg, tree nuts and peanuts) on the subsequent risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD)—including coronary heart disease (CHD), stroke, and all-cause and cause-specific mortality in patients of  diabetes.

The researchers in the prospective analysis included a study sample of 16,217 adults with diabetes at baseline or diagnosed during follow-up (Nurses’ Health Study: 1980-2014, Health Professionals Follow-Up Study: 1986-2014).They used a  validated food frequency questionnaire  to evaluate nut consumption among participants, which was updated every 2-4 years.

They found that there were 3,336 incident CVD cases and 5,682 deaths during 223,682 and 254,923 person-years of follow-up.A lower risk of CVD incidence and mortality was reported in relation to a higher total nut intake.In participants who consumed ≥ 5 servings of total nuts per week (1 serving=28 g) vs those who consumed < 1 serving per month, the estimated multivariate-adjusted hazard ratios were 0.83, 0.80, 0.66, and 0.69 for total CVD incidence, CHD incidence, CVD mortality, and all-cause mortality, respectively.

In addition no significant link of total nut consumption to risk of stroke incidence or cancer mortality were evident. The investigators reported lower risk of total CVD, CHD incidence, and mortality due to CVD, cancer, and all causes, in association with higher tree nut consumption, while only lower all-cause mortality was noted in relation to peanut consumption.They also reported an 11% lower risk of CVD, 15% lower CHD risk, 25% lower CVD mortality, and 27% lower all-cause mortality for those who increased intake of total nut intake following diabetes diagnosis vs those who did not change total nut intake from pre- to post-diabetes diagnosis.

The authors concluded that higher consumption of nuts, especially tree nuts, is associated with lower CVD incidence and mortality among participants with diabetes. These data provide novel evidence that supports the recommendation of incorporating nuts into healthy dietary patterns for the prevention of CVD complications and premature deaths among individuals with diabetes.

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