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Medical First: Dr Agarwal’s Eye Hospital conducts Single Pass Four Throw Pupilloplasty for Glaucoma

Medical First: Dr Agarwal’s Eye Hospital conducts Single Pass Four Throw Pupilloplasty for Glaucoma

Becomes the first in the world to conduct Single Pass Four Throw (SFT) Pupilloplasty providing a ray of hope for patients with Glaucoma

Chennai :  Dr. Agarwal’s Eye Hospital announced that they have developed a new treatment for Glaucoma. A medical breakthrough, the Single Pass Four Throw (SFT) Pupilloplasty technique can be used for treating closed angle glaucoma. First in the world, Single Pass Four Throw (SFT) Pupilloplasty has shown good results in patients with both early and advanced closed angle Glaucoma.

Single Pass Four Throw (SFT) Pupilloplasty technique is ideal for treating this closed angle glaucoma due to abnormal iris configuration and closed angle. In SFT, the iris position is corrected by releasing the iris from the angles where the fluid drains. This new method of pulling the iris (the brown tissue) from the angle from where it has been attached to the centre creates clear angles. By this method, the iris is preventing from blocking the aqueous or fluid flow inside the eye which is necessary for maintaining pressure. This method has shown better outcomes as compared to laser treatment. The method will certainly provide added advantage in treating such patients with high eye pressure due to closed angles by iris tissue.

One-of-its-kind the treatment was used successfully to save the vision of Ms. Sulochana. Aged 83, Ms. Sulochana was bought to Dr. Agarwal’s Eye Hospital for an eye check-up. On diagnosis she was found to be having a pressure of around 40 mm Hg, far higher than the average pressure among glaucoma patients. In fact, her condition was such that, if the pressure was left unattended she would end up losing her vision within a week.  Initially the doctor’s advised the traditional laser treatment; however that did not help in bringing down her pressure. The doctor’s took the challenge and in an effort to save her vision administered Single Pass Four Throw (SFT) Pupilloplasty. Not only Sulochana’s vision has been preserved, her pressure is also been bought down to normal and stable just like in the normal eye.

The eye resembles a CAMERA. Just as we take a photograph with the camera,  so also the eye takes a photograph of an object seen  by it.  In the camera, an object is focussed onto the film  of  the camera by a lens. This image is an inverted image and it is developed int the studio and made into an erect one. The same way,  an object is focussed by the lens of the eye onto the  film of the eye called RETINA. This image is also inverted and is made erect by the brain.

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