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Doctors at VPS Rockland Hospital laproscopically remove football sized Abdominal Tumour

Doctors at VPS Rockland Hospital laproscopically remove football sized Abdominal Tumour

New Delhi : VPS Rockland Hospital, the multi-super specialty hospital, located at Qutab Institutional area in New Delhi, recently performed a rare and miraculous surgery where a cancerous tumour weighing approximately 8 – 10 kgs was removed from a 51 year old woman’s through minimal invasive surgery. By using advanced Technology, an expert team of surgeons of VPS Rockland hospital was instrumental in saving the life of the patient who was in extreme pain.

The patient was brought to the hospital with steep pain and bloating in the abdomen, followed by multiple episodes of vomiting. After giving symptomatic relief advance CT scan was done. The imaging showed a large oval shaped mass near the small intestine. Dr Vinay Kumar Shaw, minimal access, Gastrointestinal and Bariatric Surgeon at VPS Rockland hospital conducted minimal invasive surgery and removed the tumour.  The patient was able to walk same day and discharged after two days on medical therapy.

The patient was suffering from a very rare abnormal growth of tissue called Extra-intestinal Gastro Intestinal Stromal Tumour (E GIST). Usually GIST arises from the wall of the intestinal tract but in less frequently like this, may arise outside the intestinal tract as well when they are called extra intestinal. Laparoscopic excision of such tumours is seldom.

Such large tumours are generally removed by open surgery. However, CT scan did not show origin of tumour so the laparoscopic dissection was performed. These tumours behave like cancer and should be removed timely to avoid other major problems.

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