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Daily monitoring key to losing weight : AHA

Daily monitoring key to losing weight : AHA

Texas, USA: Just desperate of losing weight! A simple solution to losing weight is to weigh yourself regularly. A new research suggests that daily weighing may help with weight loss goals. People who don’t weigh themselves at all or rarely were less likely to lose weight than those who weighed themselves. The findings of the research were presented at the American Heart Association’s Scientific Sessions 2018.

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The researchers examined the self-weighing patterns of 1,042 adults (78 percent male, average age 47) and whether there were differences in weight change by these self-weighing patterns over 12 months. They analyzed remotely transmitted self-weighing data from Health eHeart, an ongoing prospective e-cohort study. The participants weighed themselves at home as they normally would, without interventions, guidance or weight-loss incentives from researchers.

Researchers identified several categories of self-weighing adults, from those that weighed themselves daily or almost daily to adults who never used at-home scales.

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The study found that people who never weighed themselves or only weighed once a week did not lose weight in the following year. Those that weighed themselves six to seven times a week had a significant weight loss (1.7 percent) in 12 months.

The authors suggested a probable reason for the same, Monitoring own behavior or body weight may increase one’s awareness of how changing behaviors can affect weight loss. These findings support the central role of self-monitoring in changing behavior and increasing success in an attempt to better manage weight.

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Source: With inputs from American Heart Association

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