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Cancer is One of the Top Killers. Here’s How You Can Avoid It?

Cancer is One of the Top Killers. Here’s How You Can Avoid It?

Cancer is one of those diseases that people dread. It is the second cause of death in children.With advanced scientific researches and developments, one can treat the life-threatening disease; however, unhealthy lifestyle and food habits have made more people have Cancer nowadays. If you take a count, there are almost 200 type of cancer that can affect a human being. The treatment of cancer varies from one stage to another and one type to another. The standard procedures for treating cancer are surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy.

Diagnosis, a bigger challenge

Although blood tests, ultra-sounds, CT Scan, MRI Scan, X-Rays, and Endoscopy are some of the ways one can diagnose the growth of cancer cells, a biopsy is the best way to be sure of cancer. While an early diagnosis helps one from treating Cancer following the right methods, a delay in the diagnosis can cause obstacles on one’s path to recovery. Some cancer cells spread too fast and spread across the body by the time you realize it is late. To avoid such situations, and treat cancer, don’t ignore the symptoms such as fatigue, change in the bowel routine, unexplained pain in the body, lengthy sore throat, blood in the stool, urine, and weight loss. You can avoid Cancer from taking an adverse turn by either diagnosing it early or preventing it.

Ways to Avoid it

Lifestyle Change

By Lifestyle change, we mean the way we live each day. It consists of the food that we eat and the activities that we carry out. You must start compromising on many things such as eating less sugar or saying no to it, cutting down on fast food, avoiding too much alcohol intake, red meat, quit smoking, exercise regularly, yoga or meditate, avoid sunlight and much more. With these healthy lifestyle changes, you will feel the change happening to you. Always keep a check on your body mass index and be slim but not underweight.

Regular Health Checkup

As I already stated that early diagnosis could help an oncologist to proceed with the treatment options as soon as possible and make life livable. You should inculcate the habit of going to your doctor for an annual health checkup or more advantage, once in every six months. This routine of regular health checkup will ensure you get to learn about the disease at an early stage.

Breast Feeding to Continue for Six Months

New mothers should continue breastfeeding their babies for up to six months. Many mothers pay more attention to their figure and keep their babies away from the breast milk. This can give them the desired body shape even after attaining motherhood; however, they have more chances of suffering from cancer.

Consistency with the Changes

Taking to the new lifestyle and cancer avoidance tips only for a month or two won’t help. One must be consistent with the new changes for a healthy state of mind and body. With consistency in your routine, you lead a healthy and longer life.

Cancer Cover, Your Friend in Financial Need

Out of so many people that die due to cancer, some people gave up on life because of the financial burden. The diagnosis of the cure of the disease can make anyone become riches to rags. It is not the same for people who foresee difficulties even before they arrive. Cancer not only affects you physically but financially too. Wise people go for cancer insurance although they lead a healthier life comparatively. A cancer cover can give you the financial help when you need it the most. Your family will have the confidence and stamina to fight the battle with you. There are many Cancer covers that you will find; however, you need to look through the checklist to buy cancer insurance plan.

India has been on a path to cancer awareness and providing emotional support during the trauma. Yes, Cancer is no less than a shock for the entire family. The best way to tackle this is creating awareness and making everyone open to the find. Sonali Srungaram, the person behind “Cancer Clinics” based out of Hyderabad, is setting examples. She wants people to avoid the menace strongly. If not, one should accept it gracefully and be ready to fight it with strong will-power and financial planning.

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